Common Mistakes People Make When Purchasing Fire Safety Equipment

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To safeguard your home from the perils of fire, it’s essential to invest in premium quality fire safety equipment. When purchasing fire safety equipment, many are unaware of the details and end up committing errors, which sometimes compromises the safety of their house. To help steer you away from these pitfalls and help you choose the right fire safety equipment, Servant Distribution Inc. has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing fire safety equipment and how to avoid them.

1. Purchasing ionization equipment
Instead of investing in a smoke detector, many make the mistake of purchasing ionization equipment. The ionization equipment is made to detect combustion particles, not smoke. 

2. Installing minimum security equipment
To keep your home at is safest, it’s essential to invest well in fire safety equipment, even if it means going out of your budget. Install smoke detectors in all rooms like the kitchen, furnace room, and garage to maintain fire safety at all times.

3. Buying the most economical equipment
Investing in high-quality fire safety equipment is important. Although buying the most economical equipment seems attractive, it’s a bad choice as it won’t last long due to its poor quality and you will soon have to spend more to purchase it again. 

4. Not interconnecting the fire alarms 
All fire alarms should be interconnected, so it creates the awareness even when people are asleep. Interconnecting fire alarms can help increase safety.

5. Placing the fire extinguisher in the kitchen
A fire extinguisher should always be in the bedroom - the most important location for one from a life safety point of view. Many make the mistake of placing the fire extinguisher in areas that are not easy to access. 

To avoid these and other mistakes related to fire safety equipment, reach out to Servant Distribution Inc. Our founder, Mark Leonard, has been in the fire safety industry since 1996. We carry a wide range of fire protection and safety equipment, including wireless networks, extinguishers, escape ladders, kitchen fire blankets, gas detectors, emergency burn kits, emergency preparedness kits, and radon detectors for residences as well as small businesses. Besides, we also offer fire safety escape plan information for residences. 

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